Other Pursuits.


I have been an ordained minister since September 3, 2007.  I am baptized in the Methodist faith, but my ordination is not affiliated with any denomination.  I have been blessed to officiate 16 weddings.   Each one was its own unique special experience.  If I am lucky, I hope to be asked to do more.



I have painted 4x8 ft. advertising signs.  Some of these have been done in acrylic with lacquered clear coat or enamel oil based paint.  I do calligraphy if you want to add something special to your invitations or mailings.



I have designed, created websites.  For this website, I chose a minimalistic template and edited it to suit myself.


 Outside of my normal work day, I try to dabble in everything creative whether its artwork or computers.  I eventually want to learn how to weld.

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